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Ygeia Academy Founders
Ygeia Founder Sam

Ygeia's Plant Master of Ceremonies 


Sam is a Magical Botanical Spell Weaver. He channelled and created Ygeia, an indigenous plant medicine company in 2007, which was incorporated in 2014. Ygeia has now grown into a global presence, offering high quality herbal remedies in over 10 countries.

Sam comes from a long line of well-respected hakims, whom served royal families and possessed great knowledge of healing; their ancestral wisdom flows through Ygeia, and Sam’s teachings.

Sam has cultivated a way of living that is in harmony with nature; he lives in holy mountains of Dharamshala and enjoys wild foraging for mushrooms and medicinal plants in the forests. He loves to live his time in stillness and play in the quantum field.

Ygeia Academy is the next logical step in Sam’s journey, and he was requested, under no uncertain terms, during a plant medicine ceremony to create a school for the more mystical sciences. 

Asha Alchemy

Asha Alchemy's Energetic Enchantress


Ashley is a mathematician, a logician, a sceptic and a realist.

Ever since she met an osteopath, “Magic Hands”, who fixed her back using a variety of energy healing techniques, she has been on a mission to explore alternative therapies. She's since been around the world meeting and studying with some of the wildest healers and masters, all whilst trying to understand the nature of our reality.

She is autistic, and although she hate labels; this is her superpower; she sees and senses the world as a series of patterns and systems. Her thirst for anything esoteric is always growing and she is obsessed with ancient practices, sacred geometry, magic, energy manipulation and the true meaning of our reality.

Ashley met Sam in Goa when she was prescribed Ygeia's Magic Cream to heal a bacterial skin infection. Her innate inner fire was the alchemical spark needed to  bring Ygeia Academy into form. 

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