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8th - 13th June | Dharamkot,Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


Discover, experience and learn about plant & energy medicine in the beautiful surroundings of Dharamkot. This 6 day retreat is organised by the Ygeia Academy.


Activate your self -healing powers through breath, sound, the Quantum field and sacred geometry with the assistance of plant medicine


Time & Location

8th June - 13th June

Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


11am - 5 pm Daily with 1 hour lunch break (1 day's lunch is included which is a wild foraged meal )


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” (Hippocrates)

We will be eating medicinal plants & oils in the form of drinks, teas, shots, oils, beverages etc as part of the course

Course Fee

₹34k (non-residential)


The price does not include accomodation. We are able to arrange a stay at our sister company, Cosmic Geeks, who have a range of boutique homestays within walking distance to the retreat classroom. Usually individual rooms are about ₹2k to ₹3k a night. Rooms could be shared to bring the cost down.


Course Contents

Plant Medicine

  • Journey of Ygeia and a brief introduction about us.

  • Permaculture - It all starts from the soil.

  • Herbal actions vs. allopathy actions

  • Why not allopathy? Allopathy is an emergency medicine with side effects

  • Why natural medicine? The heritage of indigenous plant medicine wisdom

  • Essential oils and their benefits. Covering 20-30 individual oils.

  • Application routes - Practical and creative ways to integrate plant medicine in daily life.

  • Home pharmacy kit, making your shampoo bar, body butters, tooth powder, perfume, cosmetics, candles

  • Digestive system, gut, microbiome, how to maintain and cleanse it. Food groups and nutrition.

  • Opening cacao ceremony


Quantum Thinking & Manifestations

  •  How thoughts affect our health, contentment and abundance.

  •  “There is no illness of the body except for the mind” Socrates


Bio-energy Medicine

  • Life force energy; chi, qi, prana, ether

  • Understand the human energy system and subtle energy bodies (physical, vital, emotional, mental, spiritual) and where dis-ease stems from

  • Energy hygiene: learn various methods to cleanse and energetically protect yourself, your home and your workspace (especially important for those who hold space for others)

  • Magic hands; the science of hands-based (no tools required) and utilisation of these techniques – this is more than “reiki”


Sound Therapy

  • Theta, alpha, beta brainwave states – how these can be used for healing and manifesting

  • The law of entrainment – coming into resonance with healing frequencies

  • Cymatics – the visualisation of sound

  • Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks as frequency medicine tools


Sacred Geometry

  • The language of nature, the language of the universe

  • The harmonics of shapes, patterns and forms

  • Egyptian Temple Science and designing space for beneficial frequencies

  • Use sacred geometry to amplify your own energy field and energetic structures

  • Discover how to incorporate shape and patterns in your life for healing and energetic transformation


Mindful wild forging excursion

Herbal Sauna ceremony at a local Russian Banya

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